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Word from Mete Sarper

As a firm whose core business is wealth management, we serve very demanding clients, many of whom may have highly sophisticated needs. Nevertheless, when you get down to it, our goal is very simple. It is to keep your money safe. And having done so, to make it grow. The way in which that is done will depend upon your individual needs and aspirations, and your risk profile. It will require that we come to know you well and put ourselves in your place and think only about what is best for you.

These are basic truths, that haven’t changed for over the twenty years of our professional existence as a company; a company, moreover, known primarily for its dynamic approach to performance. But they have enabled us to protect our clients’ capital in recent years. We have been free to respect these principles because we are independent. We are not tied to the business model of a larger parent organisation. We are not obliged to sell that parent’s ready-made off-the-shelf products. When you are our client, we are on the same side as you. We can concentrate on your risk profile in our offerings. And when you profit, we profit. It is as simple as that.

We believe that this return to the basic principles of wealth management will be the driving force in our industry for many years to come. And with it comes a renewed emphasis on risk management. To us, the most important factor in portfolio management is understanding and managing the risk. It is part of our culture to take nothing for granted. We are demons for due diligence and we invest in nothing that we cannot explain fully and transparently. In that sense we are conservative, even though we are aggressive in spirit.

In our quest for performance, we always bear in mind that bull markets do not last forever. What counts is what you do when they stop. And recent years have proved that we know what to do in a bad patch. Our greatest added value is the fact that we manage most of the assets ourselves and that we employ very talented and qualified people. We tell our clients that we want to be their benchmark – we want them to see RAM Capital as one of the best managers in the industry. But it is not a message that we address to them as a group. It is a commitment to every client individually. You are unique. Your assets are unique. And we will treat them with the care and respect they deserve. Opportunities always exist, and through diligent, ethical management, independence and talent, we will harness them for you.

Mete Sarper

SwissBanking — November 2019

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