Our Philosophy Ram Capital

Our Philosophy

RAM Capital SA is an independent firm based in Geneva providing specialised, in-house asset management and risk management solutions to affluent individuals, families, and to institutions. Our company was founded in February 2002 by Mete Sarper.

RAM has notified itself to the Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) with a view to obtaining an asset manager's license, in accordance with article 74, al2 of the federal law on financial institutions (LEFIN )

RAM Capital is affiliated to the Supervisory Body accredited by FINMA
2 Rue Pedro-Meylan, 1208 Geneva

SO-FIT monitors and controls the RAM's asset management activity in order to ensure compliance with legal rules and regulations related to the profession of independent asset manager. SO-FIT which is accredited and itself supervised by FINMA also supervises the self-regulatory function within the meaning of the Federal Law on Money Laundering (AMLA)

Our company is audited by an external audit company accredited by FINMA
Moore Stephens Refidar SA
Avenue de France 23, 1211 Geneva 20

All customers dissatisfied with the responses received from RAM may initiate a mediation procedure with the following mediation body:
Institution d’Arbitrage de la Chambre Suisse
4, Bd. du Théatre, 1211 Geneva

Our services may be summarised as follows:

Values that have proved their worth

Mete Sarper had established his credentials as manager of a highly successful emerging-market fixed-income hedge fund for more than 12 years. His combination of talent and rigorous attention to risk management, and his insistence on transparency and accountability in his relations with investors, tapped a need in the broader market, especially amongst high-net-worth individuals with extensive assets to protect. Their demand for his services prompted him to build a wealth management company based on his credo: conservative with risk, aggressive in spirit.

We are recognised as an innovative, performance-driven company, but our core values have never changed. Accountability, agility, objectiveness, integrity, dedication and talent are our watchwords:


Regardless of the situation, we take responsibility for our actions and decisions in relation to the client.


Based on the principle of open architecture, we will work with any products and partners that can help us ensure the best performance for our client. This enables us to seize opportunities fast and adapt quickly to changing conditions.


As our client, you are our priority. Your interests come first. We have no obligation to sell a particular product and no conflict of interest.


We are honest and trustworthy and are not after unfair profits. We are transparent in our business conduct, but strictly respectful of our client’s privacy.


We work to achieve the best results for our client with dedication and passion.


We employ top-flight talents across all our disciplines, so as to provide a wide range of first-class services.

Geneva, quietly cutting edge

We aspire to represent the best of the Swiss tradition for efficiency and performance in wealth management. Geneva was the birthplace of private banking and it has an exceptionally highly developed and innovative financial industry. Our clients appreciate the stable political environment, reliable, up-to-date rules and regulations and the fact that our country continues to attract the top financial talents. For an asset manager in today’s fast-changing world, it remains the best vantage point from which to assess global conditions.

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