Discretionary Management

Discretionary Management

For your assets only

Clients with very substantial assets or a demanding lifestyle often find it best to entrust us with a discretionary mandate. In this case, your portfolio manager will manage your investment portfolio for you. Within carefully defined limits, the manager will have discretion to allocate the assets and adjust the investments as the market evolves, to optimise the potential for gains whilst limiting the risks.

The manager’s decisions will always respect the criteria that you have defined together beforehand. He will be your closest ally and will spend a considerable amount of time setting your performance goals, defining your management style and, most important of all, determining your risk profile. Throughout your relationship, he will be at your disposal to explain his investment decisions.

This transparent, highly customised approach extends to the quality of the regular portfolio management reports, whose contents and frequency can be tailored to your needs. In addition, you will be able to consult your portfolio online and follow its progress.

A RAM Capital discretionary mandate is a bespoke service, and epitomises our ability to treat you as an individual, with unique needs. It will give you the peace of mind to get on with your life, knowing that your assets are well protected.

Other services

Wealth consolidation

Our clients usually have their assets deposited with more than one bank or financial institution, quite possibly in different countries. If that is your case, we can offer you a wealth consolidation service, providing you with a single consolidated statement of your assets, including your real estate and assets in other forms. This report, available by mandate exclusively to our clients, is produced by our proprietary system. The service is limited to providing the consolidated report and does not entail any management decisions by us.

However, it can be complemented by a mandate to monitor performance, so as to detect any breaches of a management agreement that could develop over time. This additional mandate is also a very good way of maintaining a global view of the asset mix and assessing it in relation to your goals and risk tolerance.

Wealth structuring

your stronghold

Over the years, we have developed solid experience in setting up financial and fiscal structures, including foundations, trusts, financial holdings and corporate structures. In the process, we have formed a strong network of external correspondents that are available to analyse specific cases and recommend the optimum fiscal solution.

Finding the right wealth structure for you is central to our goal of preserving and growing your assets.

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